On the day, 10th of April, we get a glimpse of seven people who are stuck in their mind bubbles, and try to break out of them. This absurd five-chapter film lets you reflect on our 21st century contemporary living in a surprisingly philosophical way. It’s an eclectic film that plays with the mix of high and low art.

Mees graduated with this film Summa cum laude at the study Audiovisual Media at the Utrecht School of the Arts. She is moving on to do a master of Art theory and philosophy at the University of Arts London coming September. She has been on many sets from big screen cinema to doing an internship at the experimental and autonomous filmmaker Noel Loozen, from which she has learned a lot. Mees’ films are reflective and experimental. She looks at things from a thinking angle. Before this film she made a visualization on Iceland with her best friend transforming an unexplainable feeling into visual tableaus.

I wanted to give the medium of audiovisual media the room to be shown in the way it wanted to be shown, give it the air to breath. I led myself with the random and absurd visual images that appeared in my head. And in the meantime, I started drawing up rules for the film. I wanted to surprise myself and hold up a mirror to the viewer. Why do we do the things we do? And how do we do them? And does it actually make sense? The vagueness is allowed, the not knowing what the answer is, as Tarkovsky would say. I hope it will be an aesthetic experience that stimulates your brain to think on your own in a surprising way.



Adanna Unigwe, Sara Afiba, Bart Bijnens, Anne-Marie Dimanche, Matthijs IJgosse, Jonathan Huisman, Ellen Rohrman


Director, writer, producer, visual effects
Mees Bergshoeff

Creative producer
Gaia van Maanen

Director of Photography
Boris Bergshoeff

Production designer
Jette Vogel

Robben Fuhler

Composer, Sound designer and Soundmix
Yasha Mostert

Directors assistent
Puck van der Werf

First assistant director and Production
Mees Gerritsen

Kenneth van Bochove

Julia Nijenhuis

Styling and make up
Suus de Nies

Post Castelijn casting: Sven van den Berg, Fay Muller en Romy ter Haar

Camera assistant
Sean Vogel

Best boy
Yannick de Graaf/ Daan van Asselt

Corona manager and set photographer
Benaiah French

3D Animator
Sarah Hoogman

Poster and logo illustrator
Jikke Lesterhuis

Title design and animator
Paulina Szafranska

De Lodge post production: Rachel Stone

Ralli Cooks: Hadidja Simba en Chaima El Haddaoui / Elena Xialkiadaki / Zora Prins / Barbara bredero /Cafe restaurant Amsterdam

Classical ensemble composer and drum player
Han Vogel
Ruud Visser
Pia Pirtinaho

Brass band
Accu fanfare under the wings of Jos Zandvliet and Septimia Kuhlmann

Boys on the street
Oliver Helmstadt and Benaiah Frensch,
Homeless man
Aart Jan bergshoeff
Forrest girls
Daphne Takken, Merel Vervloet and Evi Ros

Bea de Visser / Dana Linssen

Script coach
Lena Visser

Production advice
Timo Schot

Overall advice
Daan Bakker

First editor
Sebastiaan Verbeeten

Colette Grootenboer – Tungsten Studios
Landgoed Zonheuvel
Droompaleis Rooseveltlaan
Amsterdam centrum/zuid
The house of Joep Thieckie and Eva Eisenloeffel

Light rental
Het Licht
Camera and grip rental
Platform rental
Bus rental
Ab Gietelink
Bus Parking
Amsterdam studio’s

I want to give big thanks for standing by my side, helping me, and always being there, without you this wouldn’t be possible:
Barbara Bredero
Aart Jan bergshoeff

Boris Bergshoeff
Elena Xialkiadaki

Zora prins
Lars van der net
Suus de Nies
Rinus van der Weerd

Vincent Tillinanus
Lena Visser
Timo Schot
Meraud Pals

Everybody that was so kind to donate, you helped to give this movie form, I’m endlessly grateful.
And a special shoutout to Harro Presser.

My last thanks:
Artwork in the bedroom from Evi Beek
Joep Thieckie & Eva Eisenloeffel and the sweet people of Zunderdorp
Gemeente Amsterdam
Milene Hoving from Cafe restaurant Amsterdam
Janneke berkelbach
Oliver helmstadt
Wouter van Dijk